Hacking [Release] uo_amphetamin - A little "patch" for amphetamin.


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Nov 24, 2014
Amphetamin is the first plugin for PSVITA made by Team Freek that will allows you to set a custom frequency for CPU/BUS/GPU when playing games.

Original amphetamin since has a race condition with main thread appears to consantly flick on screen when menu is called.

This little patch for amphetamin will fix this behaviour by just pausing main thread (aka the game) when menu is triggered and resuming main thread when amphetamin menu is closed. (like cwcheat and similar plugins did in PSP era).

Repository: https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/uo_amphetamin
Download: http://rinnegatamante.it/amphetamin.rar

To install it just overwrite your amphetamin.suprx in ux0:/plugins.

All credits for the plugin goes to Team Freek (mr.gas, Major_Tom, TheFl0w), me i only added this little patch to fake pause/resume main thread.

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