[RELEASE] drc-test: A homebrew to test/read/write values on the WiiU Gamepad

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  1. Pokes303

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    May 6, 2019
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    I made a WiiU homebrew to test the WiiU Gamepad (DRC) and read/write some hidden or unknown values from de VPAD and VPADBASE libraries

    All of the values are indexed on different menus:
    • Buttons/Joysticks
    • Screen/Touchscreen
    • Gyroscope
    • Accelerometer
    • Direction
    • Angle
    • Magnetometer
    • Volume
    • Battery
    • Vibration
    • Gamepad Sensor Bar
    • Gamepad BASE
    This homebrew can be launched on HBL or installed as a channel into the HOME Menu

    Source code: https://github.com/Pokes303/drc-test
    Latest release (HBL and CHANNEL): https://github.com/Pokes303/drc-test/releases

    Some screenshots:

    Any suggestions are received. Have fun!
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  2. tqhoang

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    Feb 3, 2017
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    This app is very useful to test used gamepads. Thank you!

    Just a few things to mention:
    1. [Cosmetic Fix] In the Virbration Test, you have motor "length" spelled as "lenght". In main.cpp, there are in 10 occurrences.
    2. [Bug Fix] In the Vibration Test, if you go left and make the length value 4GB (UINT_MAX), the hex_tostring() returns the error string "too few digits". You're probably getting a signed-integer to overflow in the variable "div". Perhaps even limit the range of the values of the custom length?
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  3. pasc

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    Nice to see more Wii U homebrew.

    I just wish a 3DS Homebrew existed to fake a gamepad...

    DRC-Sim for Ubuntu is nice... but not exactly..... lag free.

    Gamepad for 70€ pffft yeah. (And Ninty isn't being better about it) Dang.
    Reminds of the Gameboyplayer & Startupdisk situation... A controller that is worth more than the console itself... wat.
    Stupid supply and demand

    BTW: Is the magnetometer used for them amiibo abominations ? (Wait... isn't utilizing NFC ?)
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  4. Pokes303

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    May 6, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Thanks for the answer! I fixed the two points on the latest release [https://github.com/Pokes303/drc-test/releases/latest]. The "too few digits" error was caused by a mistake declaring the variable as "uint32_t" that should be "uint8_t", and causing an overflow on the vibration output too

    Faking the WiiU Gamepad from the 3ds it's possible, but it would be very tricky to do it directly.
    If you want to do it, I think you can send the 3ds inputs to a PC, and then use Hid-To-VPAD

    And for the last, the amiibo figures have NFC tags that are read from the NFC module on the left-bottom of the WiiU Gamepad, and the Magnetometer can detect magnetic fields near ir.

    Have fun!
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