ROM Hack [Release] Animal Crossing New Leaf Multi Cheat NTR Plugin

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Lazy Animal Crossing hacks
Apr 26, 2015
United States
4.1.1 is finally out!

Join our ACNL Hacking discord!
Item ID List

Do you also play AC:HHD?

What's Included:
This is a plugin that contains a collection of cheats for Animal Crossing New Leaf! These are heavily supported and added every day! Please help support any way you can!

1. Text to Item
2. Duplication
3. Moon Jump
4. Coordinates Modifier
5. Teleport
6. Speed Hack
7. Search and Replace
8. Keep Shops Always Open
9. Destroy All Weeds
10. Water All Flowers
11. Grass
12. Desert
13. All Shop Upgrades
14. Catalog Completer
15. Tan Modifier
16. Real Time World Edit
17. Time Travel
18. Time Machine
19. And Much More!
Multiplayer Usage
The only cheats that work online and locally are the Inventory Codes and Movement Codes!
This means you can Moon Jump, Teleport, or literally fly around other's towns or your own! You can even use all of the Movement Codes indoors! You can even duplicate or spawn any item in someone's town or your own without any hesitation!
Text to Item
Press X + D-Pad Right to open the menu,Type in the item ID you want to write that item to slot 1 of your inventory. This code was originally written for gateshark by @cearp but @justync7 ported it to NTR. I changed the key press so I could use duplication cheat.
Press R to duplicate whatever item you have in slot 1 to slot 2. This continues to execute until you release the R button so it's useful to plant flowers or something :P
Don't execute any of these cheats during house, island, title, or any other big transitions or your 3DS with restart!

This includes: Saving, Tortimer Rankings, while sitting on the boat, sailing to the island, taking a trip to someone's town / someone taking a trip to your town, starting to dream, entering / leaving a house or store etc.

Moon Jump
Press L to make your character fly.:D This works online, but the other character doesn't see you flying.
Coordinates Modifier
You press A+D Pad in the direction you want, and you'll be moving around the map without even moving your legs! You move around so fast that you can bypass collisions so you can basically walk anywhere you want!:)

Press Select again in the cheat menu to speed up or slow down how fast you want to go.
Speed Hack
Press and hold B to start running at a turbo fast speed! Ported from Mega-Mew's code, but fixed his so it doesn't change your velocity while you're not moving.
Press B+D Pad Up to save your current location and Press B+D Pad down to teleport to your saved location. Press L/R while storing your location to store multiple locations.
Anti Gravity and More
Walk Through Walls
Walk Over Objects
After executing one of the Environment Codes, you have to run out of view of it and come back, shake it, hit it with a shovel, or anything else to update it and let Animal Crossing know that it's a verified object.
Search and Replace
1. Type in XXXXYYYY where XXXX is searching value and YYYY is replacing value. Send it in chat, and press L + D-pad left to execute.

Instant Tree
Press X for your tree to instantly grow!

Real Time World Edit
Type in the ID of the item ID you want, send it to chat and press R + D-pad down to place the item directly where you're standing.
Press R+A Codes
These cheats all use the same button combo (R+A) to work. You must update ACNL's status after executing one of these cheats by going in and out of a house. You can only enable one of these cheats at a time so that they don't interfere with each other!

Destroy All Weeds
Press R+A to eliminate all instances of weeds, clovers, rafflesia, and dandelions. Does not work online, and this code is a little unstable but I think all the bugs are ironed out.
Water All Flowers
Press R+A to water dry flowers and restore wilted flowers back to life. This doesn't work for all flowers because some tags are different on their watered state.
Press R+A to completely replenish all of the terrains to grass!
Press R+A to completely destroy all of the terrains to desert!

Time Codes:
Time Travel
Press B + D Pad Right to fast forward an hour, press B + D Pad Left to rewind an hour.
Press B + D Pad Down to revert the in-game time to the system time.
Press R + D Pad Right/Left to watch time rewind/fast forward with no restrictions on keypresses.
Time Machine
Type YYMMDDHHmm in chat and send it.
YY is the year, MM is the month, DD is day HH is the hour, and mm is the minute.
Press Y + D Pad Right to fast forward that amount and press Y + D Pad Left to rewind that amount.
Nookling Upgrades

Tan Modifier
Increase or decrease your Mayor's Tan and move into a different room to see the changes!
Unlock All PWPS
Free Nookling Items
Turnip Price 990
Badge Modifiers
Clear Town Items
Meow Coupon Modifiers
Wallet Modifiers
Bank Modifiers
Special NPC Mod
T2I on Club Tortimer
Camera Mod

How to Install:
Keep multiple backups with JKSM before using this!
This plugin only work on

Have a CFW enabled 3DS and install NTR 3.6
2. Download and extract the "" archive to the root of your SD Card.
4. Boot into NTR
5. Launch Animal Crossing New Leaf
6. Press Select to open up the Cheat Menu
7. Select the cheats that you want to be enabled
8. Press Select or the X to close the menu
9. Enjoy!

Read the "Multiplayer Usage" in the Usage tab if you'd like to use this with friends!
@Nanquitas He's the real MVP at helping me with this plugin. He not only taught me how to write multiple functions, but he helped clean up my code and helped to correct my errors. He also made the lib which this plugin relies on! This plugin wouldn't have been brought to us without his help.
@cell9 For making NTR!
@Slattz For helping out a lot with various things for the plugin.
@Mega-Mew Finding outdoor X+Y coordinates
@MrDavidPerson For the HQ demo videos of the plugin
@herolarcio For creating the amazing A.C. Themed menu for the 3.X plugins
@SirBeethoven Helping to organize this post, creating an organized item ID list, and supplying notes for 3.0.1
Every one of you for constantly supporting and testing this project! :)

Request Codes Here or on Discord!

I'm requesting people to help with this plugin if they have anything interesting they'd like to share or change (ex: ram offsets, plugins, or improvements in my code)

Version 4.1

See #ntr-plugin-info on our Discord

Version 4.0 Beta 4

See #ntr-plugin-info on our Discord

Version 4.0 Beta 3

See #ntr-plugin-info on our Discord

Version 4.0 Beta 2

What's new:
  • Disabled the home button thanks to @Nanquitas to prevent any further crashes
  • Added 32 bit item support for text to item (meaning you can now write custom tags to your furniture and items)
  • Added notes for almost all cheats now and gave proper credits.
  • Tools>About now displays what beta build you're on
New Cheats:

  • Fixed GetSet from giving you wrong items
  • Fixed name length changer by forbidding you from entering more than 8 chars
  • Touch coordinates won't execute unless you're in town and have the map open
  • Removed TPC changer

Version 4.0 Beta 1

What's new:
  • Revamped UI and lib, based on CTRPF (CTR Plugin Framework)
  • You can now open the menu anywhere you want, thanks to CTRPF
  • Completely rewritten cheats from C to C++ to improve stability and faster cheat execution
  • RAM dumping/injection
New Cheats:
  • Catalog to pockets
  • Walk through walls is smoother
  • View buried items
  • Pick up buried items
  • Ghost mode
  • Faint (make yourself pass out)
  • Text to item has it's own keyboard
  • Revamped real time world edit
  • Fill catalog
  • Fill permit
  • Fill Main Street
  • Building placer/remover (offline only)
  • Many other cheats that I may have forgot to mention
  • Hidden callback menu can be called upon whilst pressing and holding R + X
  • If a cheat has a keyboard icon, use it to edit the cheats values, or some will require you to use the keyboard icon instead of enabling them (on the bottom screen).

Version 3.3
  • Isabelle has been included in the Special NPC Modifier.
  • Fix any known bugs
  • Code cleanup by using player pointer
Version 3.2.1
  • stalk2 + stalk3 commands finally added
  • Edible items works by storing the item ID by pressing L, and eating the item with R + A
  • Fixed gorgeset and clearinv commands
  • Other small fixes
Version 3.2
  • NPC mod
  • Walk through walls indoors
  • Moon jump with anti-gravity (v3 of the cheat) thanks to @scotline
  • Real Time World Edit works on Main Street and on the Island (only in YOUR town)
  • Camera Modifier collaborated with MrN0P93
  • Text to cheat runs in background
  • Money codes thanks to @Slattz
  • Added "dupeall" command to dupe the item in slot 01 to all available free slots
  • Added "goldset" command to give yourself the golden tool set
  • Nook items are free
Version 3.1.4
  • Spawning items on the island now officially works (with keyboard)
  • Keyboard toggle should only be used to spawn items on the island now
Version 3.1.3
  • Fixed 'clearinv' command
  • Organized the layout according to surveys
  • Changed walk through walls and walk over things keypresses to L + D pad
Version 3.0.1
-Full Japan support
-Added notes to almost every cheat entry to avoid confusion
-Tan modifier
-Fixed time travel/time machine for EUR
Version 3.0
-USA support for Amiibo update and ported to EUR thanks to @Slattz
-Real Time World Edit added thanks to @conanac for the help!
-Text to item and duplication now works for player 2-4 in one cheat
-Search and replace uses XXXXYYYY for USA now thanks to @Nanquitas
-Time machine and time travel added thanks to edwardmanuel
-Moved all R+A codes into one spoiler to prevent enabling more than one at a time
-Duplication/text2item may or may not be broken online, please give me feedback.
Version 2.3.1
-Inventory codes should probably work online now on EUR, thanks @Slattz
-Fixed issue #12 on Github
-Removed France + Spanish versions until the plugin supports accent characters
Version 2.3
-Fixed water all flowers code (Now properly waters ALL flowers)
-Fixed coordinates modifier slow down issue thanks @dsrules for noticing!
-New Animal Crossing background by @herolarcio
-New optional languages are in beta for French and Spanish, so please correct my translations!
-Warping is disabled within the plugin but you can download the newest beta to test it out :P
-Player 2-4 codes
-All previous add_to_address codes are now using float so they're more precise and stable
-More realistic Moon Jump (You should fly up the same speed as you fall)
Version 2.2.3
-Reorganized the layout
Version 2.2.2 USA
-Fixed Leif's offset for the correct Leif patch
Version 2.2.1
-Fixed the annoying Leif Bug
-Text2item now works online+on the island
-Duplication errors fixed (hopefully)
-Using @SirBeethoven 's source I merged Moon jump and coordinates mod
Coordinates modifier is now faster and you can take screenshots without moon jump initializing
Version 2.2
-Official Japanese port ^_^ (公式日本語ポート ^_^)
Cheats are still in English, but maybe I can translate them later to Japanese.
-Online duplication is WIP, it works but sometimes addresses might shift and it will break it. (Use caution when using this because I fully don't know what's being written to so it *MAY* corrupt your save, so keep a backup handy)
I need some Japanese testers to go online and make sure duplication works for them
Say the current conditions of your visit:
2nd person to join the island
1st person to join my friend's town
This will help me fix duplication even further so I can make text2item online compatible :)
Version 2.1.1
-Fixed Speed hack
-Fixed coordinates modifier
-Tweaked speeds. (You may change them by pressing Select again in the cheat menu to speed up or slow down how fast the plugin executes the cheats.)
Version 2.1
-Using @Nanquitas new library for a lot more pleasant look and advanced code selection. (More cheat entries and spoilers!)
-Added Search and Replace
-Added more teleport locations to store
-Added keypresses for grass, desert and water flowers code
-Added Nook upgrades (be careful using these)
-Added Player 1 max tan
-Many more fixes if I didn't list them
-Press Select to access cheat menu from now on
-Seeder and Destroyer have been merged. An undo button has been also added (R+D Pad Left)
Version 2.0.2
-Fixed teleport's pointer where it would completely mess up all coordinates codes and soft lock your game when you went indoors.
Version 2.0.1
-Fixed instant tree not showing up in menu
-Ported to Europe
-Added version identifier (Version x.x.x USA/EUR)
-Changed teleport to use the B button
Version 2.0 (US Only)
-Fixed teleport indoors
-Added instant tree code
Version 2.0 Beta 2 (US Only)
-Added seeder and destroyer for island
-Added grass seeder and remover
-Fixed a spelling error
-Fixed 3DS crashing when enabling Coordinates modifier while in loading screen
Version 2.0 Beta 1 (US Only)
-Fixed coordinates modifier in buildings
-Added moon jump in buildings
-Added 'water all flowers' code
Version 1.1
-Added Remove all weeds
-Added Item Duplication
Version 1.0.2
-Fixed 'Seeder' and 'Destroyer' codes (Thanks @Nanquitas :) )
Version 1.0.1
-Add EUR Version
Version 1.0
-Initial release.

If you find a bug that's not listed or fixed, report it on the issue tracker page found here or on our discord.

If you need support or help regarding the plugin, either reply here or join our discord. (You will get help faster on our discord).

Please, just join the discord!
I no longer use gbatemp. You'll get faster and better help there


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Lazy Animal Crossing hacks
Apr 26, 2015
United States
very nice! real time item placer, cool!
It's actually a find and replace; the find is pre set, and the replace is what you want, this was a whole lot easier to make than a real time world editor like what I planned on making in the beginning :wacko:
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May 26, 2008
with a similar code you would also be able to search for weeds i guess... right? :)
good luck finding it, but that would be cool


Lazy Animal Crossing hacks
Apr 26, 2015
United States
with a similar code you would also be able to search for weeds i guess... right? :)
good luck finding it, but that would be cool
You figured out my secret ;) I was planning on adding that but I never have any weeds in my town to test it on, but that'll be added after I port this to EUR.
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Soy Consoomer
Editorial Team
GBAtemp Patron
Jan 7, 2015
Middleish North-Right
United Kingdom
Started a new game to try these but nothing is working... I'm definitely playing the US version, but I'm on a Japanese system - could that be the issue?

Edit: I just noticed that while the text being displayed is English, shop signs and models are actually Japanese. Imma try the language emulation plugin and see if it fixes anything.

Edit 2: Language emulation fixed it :3 Moon jump is great fun! :D
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Lazy Animal Crossing hacks
Apr 26, 2015
United States
Working on EUR right now :)
Also, anybody who has used the plugin so far, does seeder work properly?
Once you type in the item ID, it uses only that one, where it should update the ID every time you type something in chat.


Lazy Animal Crossing hacks
Apr 26, 2015
United States
yet another plugin for ACNL ?

Maybe you should update the OP of your other thread...

Also I'll be back in ACNL cheat code making
Thanks! Glad to see other people giving ACNL some love! Could you PM me on your progress so I could incoperate your codes into my plugin? If you don't want me to, I won't
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