ROM Hack Rebuild a ROM or CIA from brain dump CXI possible?


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Sep 4, 2011
I have a CXI dumped with brain dump I have extracted the contents and tried rebuilding but the rebuilt CIA does not work on my console. I have done a little research and have read that brain dump does not dump a correct exheader. Could this be the reason my rebuilds do not work? Is there any way to rebuild the CIA without the original exheader? The reason I ask is because I am fully aware that the title could be dumped with decrypt9 properly but the title no longer exists on my console (turned it on one day and it had gone, prob too many badges on home menu) and it is no longer available on eshop or nintendo servers (tried installing the ticket in FBI and got 404 error). The title is kingdom of plants 3D it was a free download from eshop in the early days of the console and is a short video of 3D plants and flowers. I am not really bothered about the title but my daughter liked watching it and it is annoying to know I have a dump of it but cannot rebuild it. I have checked that iso site and other sources to see if anyone else has the CIA but have only found one person that has it on the TEMP. I have requested a share but there is no response. Thats completely up to that person and I am not judging but this must be one of the rarest titles for 3DS since no one else has it or is prepared to dump and share it.

Can anyone please help with either a rebuild or is there any way that I can build a totally new CIA with the decrypted moflex video and generate a new exheader and everything else needed just to install and play it on my console?

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