Realistic masks fool witnesses and police

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    "Suspect is an African-American male, mid-thirties, black hair." Or is he? Another suspect is a "Caucasian male, sixties-seventies, gray hair." OLRY? Another suspect yet is an "elderly Caucasian male, and not by any means a young Asian man."

    Or maybe not.


    Mission: Impposible time:

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    haha, I remember these, the one that went to Candaia was funny, why Canada? Most seeking asylum go to the US. There's not a whole lot up north last I checked XD

    Although, these masks would have use for anyone in, say, a politician spoof ad, mainly to get those idiotic mudslinging campaigns taken off the air, and everyone has a nice peaceful election year for a change [​IMG]
    and of course, a Clinton mask for the random amounts of women to deny having slept with [​IMG]