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    So I managed to rip my original disk to .iso and move to my internal hdd ps2iso folder via ftp. I then converted it to a .iso.enc file using PS2 Classic Manager and was able to launch it with PS2 Classics Placeholder but it hangs up during the first tutorial. The characters/music/etc still run, but the text screen doesn't advance so the game just kinda sits there waiting for you to hit "X" or something.

    Apparently, this issue existed on bc PS3s and was corrected around OFW 2.xx or such. One site suggests obtaining a save (in .psv format) to bypass this tutorial completely. Although I have a FreeMcBooted PS2 with a KHR:CoM save on a memory card, uLaunchELF shows the save as data on a folder, not a .psv file (which I'm guessing is a PlayStationVirtual memory file.) I figured that it'd be easy to convert the file, but PSV files are created by the PS3 itself and subsequently encrypted. My PS2 AR disk can convert it to .max, but this won't work either.

    I managed to track down a PS2 Memory Card to PS3 adapter for $2, but I won't have it until next week some time. I'm hoping to simply move my save that way as this was a "work-around" before the OFW 2.xx update that addressed this issue.

    Any thoughts or ideas in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.

    Just a quick update about my PS2 Memory Card adapter; I won't be getting one. Called up the store that was holding it for me and the guy said it was actually a mislabeled multitap. Goddamn you, Gamestop.
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    Might be considered off-topic, but that game is being re-released in HD in October as part of the 1.5 ReMIX. Wouldn't it be worth your while to wait?...