1. mathew77

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    Jan 19, 2019
    Quite a some time ago (last year, actually) I asked you guys about how to play a random game from the installed Switch game library. Thank you for your support.

    So today, please let me present you a small tool to help you choose a random game to play. I am extremely embarrassed, because it is my first program ever. ^^
    Don't know how to run titles via homebrew, err, I mean, the process of choosing the game must be more exciting, so we can do it manually. (:

    Github link: https://github.com/JrRadiant/RandPlayNX


    How to use the app:
    • First of all, count all your games at your Switch library. You can do it faster by counting lines at the All Games screen first, then multiple it by 6, adding the additional X<6 games if needed.
    • So, you have 128 games installed for example. (No more than 3000 games, please. ^^)
    • Launch the app, press A.
    • Enter the total amount of your games (128).
    • Maroon is the number of horizontal lines to skip at All Games screen,
    • Yellow number is the number of the actual game to play on the next row.
    • Press B and run your game that was chosen by a Random God! ^_^ (Well, forsooth, it's a rand() seeded by your local timestamp.)

    Please write your comments out, need them eagerly!..

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  2. TotalJustice

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    Jan 28, 2017
    United Kingdom
    Nice one. If you want to list the games instead of giving a random number, you can use ns functions. Use nsListApplicationRecord() to list all the games into an array of records, then you can use nsGetApplicationControlData() to get useful info about each game such as the name, author, icon etc.

    Also to launch a game, you can use appletRequestLaunchApplication() and just pass the app-id of the game.

    All these functions are in libnx, you can check the header file for more info on each function.
  3. tom2199

    tom2199 GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 23, 2015
    That would be a great addition, another one that comes to mind is the ability to filter games, for example just multiplayer games etc. For your first homebrew, very nice! @mathew77
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