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R4i Team Reveal Their R4S Dongle To Run Custom Firmware On The Switch


R4i, the team behind numerous flashcarts for the NDS and 3DS, is now investing in the Nintendo Switch scene. The company revealed their solution to run custom firmware on the Nintendo Switch: the R4S Dongle.

This USB-C dongle is a plug-and-play solution to inject the necessary RCM payload required to boot your system on a custom firmware. The official website claims that it works on any Nintendo Switch system on any firmware and while they also state that it currently supports "most NSP games and many XCI games", the R4S is fully updateable for future support. The R4S Dongle also packs a 120 mAh LiPo battery but should there be any issues with the device, the one year warranty will cover it.

More details are available in the source link below and if you want to share your thoughts about this new competitor in the Switch scene, do so in the ongoing discussion thread also linked below!

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:discuss: Official GBAtemp Discussion thread
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