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    Nov 14, 2016
    so here's the thing, i've had this card for a little under a week now and so far things were runnign pretty smoothly. the main game i have been playing is Pokemon Volt White 2, a hack for White 2. i had recently caught Kyurem, and then problems occured.

    i encountered a bug where the veteran, who unlocks the rest of the legendary and mythical pokemon, didnt appear like he was supposed to. now according to the topic surrounding this hack, the solution is fairly simple. input and activate an AR code, and hold R while entering the room. sounds easy enough right? WRONG. because the code i need wasnt included in the user cheat file that came with the Flash Cart's Kernel.

    now i have spent the last several hours scouring the internet searching for a way to ADD a cheat to the list in the Flash cart. only problem is, none of the programs i find can open the file. they crash whenever i try.

    so my query is this, does anyone know of a reliable program to edit the Usercheat.dat file in the Flashcart Kernel, and where to download it from?

    i have found a few for several OTHER Flash carts like Edge and the old basic R4 series cards. but none for this card. so until i can find a reliable program, i am stuck with a bugged game save, and no working fix.

    also, i have several days of gametime invested into this game, numerous legendaries, and at least one full team at lvl 100. so i do NOT want to try and restart the game.

    any help you can offer is appreciated, thank you.
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