R4i revolution v1.4


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Feb 25, 2023
Hello, I am contacting you because I have an "r4i revolution for DS (dsi/dsl/nds)". It worked very well for several years with "woodr4 1.28" (I found the version of the software in the "changelog" file at the root).

Unfortunately, overnight it stopped working even though it was not removed from the DS slot... The screen remained white. I tried many manipulations, changing the SD card, changing the "wood r4" version, disassembling the card to clean the connectors, trying it on a 1st generation DS, on a lite, a second lite... But nothing worked.

So I finally decided to flash the firmware of the card. I tried several but the only one that installed successfully is "3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_3DS_NDSL.nds" that I found on this site. Now, no matter which version I put on the card, the DS crashes on startup if the R4 is in the slot. If I insert the R4 after starting the console, it simply isn't recognized.

Can you help me with this problem? Thank you in advance.


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