R4i Gold Plus- How To Update Kernel?

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  1. Nyatsu

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    May 5, 2012
    I use a R4i Gold Plus, bought from r4ir4.co.uk. I recently updated my 3DS to v4.0.0-7E, and as expected, when I tried to load my R4 I got the error message of doom. So, I went about trying to update my kernel, using the v2.5 kernel found on the website above. I checked my ROMS and cheats were all there, and I tried to use my R4.
    The error message was still there.

    Since I've never updated my kernel before, I'm pretty much 100% sure I've gone wrong somewhere, but I'm not exactly sure where I've gone wrong. -_-
    Basically, I removed all files from my mini sd card, added the new kernel, recreated my ROMS file and added all of my roms, and then added my urscheat.dat file into the cheats section.

    So...anyone mind telling me what I've done wrong ^-^

    Many thanks!

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    What you are looking for is a firmware upgrade, not a kernel upgrade.
    Suggest before you do anything, back up your microsd card and reformat with this (FORMAT TYPE - FULL (Erase ON) : FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT - ON.)
    Now if you are using the Deluxe with the writer, just download this file, copy the UPDATE.bin to the root of your microSD card, plug your card into the writer, then plug that into a USB port.
    If you don't have the writer, download this file, copy "plus_firmware_softupdate_v1_7.nds", run it from your card like you do any rom or homebrew using a DS Lite, phat, or un-updated DSi, XL or 3DS to run the file.

    If you want the latest Kernel (which the operating system) download from here and put it the files in the root of your card.

    All of this information and files can be found on their site here
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  3. Nyatsu

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    May 5, 2012
    Thanks so much! Found my old DS in a dust draw, so I managed to update it :)