R4i Gold 3DS Dorasu Not Updating, good or bad....

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    May 20, 2012
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    I just bought the R4i Gold 3DS and it will not update using a DS Lite. Gives a fail. Now from what I can tell it is official. http://www.r4ids.cn/

    From what I have read here on gbatemp, apparently some batches of this card can update, while others can not. Also, odd as it may seem, this card works on the latest 3DS 4.3.0-10 firmware with the dorasu (wings & halo) icon. Now that in itself, is great, obviously. No problems, no NEED to do a card firmware update...yet. My question is, what happens IF Nintendo ever does do an official update that breaks the card. Then I WILL need to update. Is the reason I can't update and get an update fail because It is not necessary. Or is it a defect in the card itself, that I can't update wether it works or not with the latest 3DS firmware. Another words, for the here and now, everything is fine. It works beautifully. My concern is the future. Could this be a problem down the road. Is it a good or bad thing. I just bought this card and could probably get a replacement if I need to. But I'm not sure if that is even necessary or worth it. I'm curious what people think here.
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    use the dsi update file instead. should able to update :)
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    I forgot
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    In fact, r4i gold with the game icon of "DORUSA" can also be updated. There is no need to worry about it.