R4 SDHC - File Listing issue

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    Hi all
    Just wondering if anyone else experienced this, etc

    Occasionally, my 8gb SanDisk card lists a directory in all (japanese?) gibberish
    It will not read the DIR at all.

    It doesn't happen on EVERY DIR, just sometimes, and for no rhyme nor reason.

    i've re-formatted the card several times (and initially, all is OK), but when i add files afterwards - it goes screwy

    on my puter, all looks OK - files exist in the format they should be
    but on the card, i cannot access them

    i was thinkin it was a connection issue between the card and the R4; took it apart and cant get to/clean the card connectors

    so far, all the 1 gb cards have had NO problems at all.

    just checking if i'm the only one
    (and please - no "buy a different cart" responses!! haha)

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    It's a hardware fault with the R4 SDHC. It only works properly with cards up to 4gb. You can use an 8gb card but once you go over 4 it'll corrupt it.