R4 making crazy junk files

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    When I read my SD card that was in my R4 ("WiFi R4 (i) RTS 3DS" from r4i-sdhc) with my computer, I get treated to a bunch of junk files and no write support (beyond whole partition actions like formatting). It was formatted as FAT32, and had the stock firmware from the site. I tested to see what the culprit is by testing various operations:

    FAT16 (Test game: Mariokart DS (U, #168)
    • Loading firmware: PASS
    • Creating a .sav: PASS
    • Modifying a .sav: PASS
    • No tests done
    As you can see, it's probably a FAT32 issue, but what is the problem? Junk files attached.

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    Jun 17, 2013
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    It could be an issue with the allocation size or the driver the kernel is using is corrupt..... possibly corrupting the FAT (File allocation table). Cause ive seen this in the past with older dos based systems and corrupt tables.
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    I think that the file system is corrupted. Backup the files on the card and formate it.
    Regarding to the write protection: do you use a MicroSD to SD adapter? If so make sure that the knob on the side of the SD card is up. It can lock the SD card.