Hacking r4 game prob


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Jul 8, 2009
ok so i got another problem i solved but,...i wanted to know what went wrong, so .

yeah i got fantasy star 0 then i playd a while and it froze and i closed DS and opened it agian,
then it sayd no ds menu dat found

i checked it on my pc and it was full of crap junk that didnt have a name but it was like jiberish i dunno
weird thing is it was over 91gb and my sd is only 2 so yeah anybody got ideas??

(how i solved it : SD formatter

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    If this does not resolve your issue then please refer to the OEM manual for the list of systems that are compatible with your toaster.
    Shape @ Shape: If this does not resolve your issue then please refer to the OEM manual for the list of systems...