R4 Confusion

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by gazzoose, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. gazzoose

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Everything I try with this R4 doesn't work, YSMenu, Sysmodo, nothing. Only the official v1.18 firmware. It's making me wonder where the hell this card came from?

    Any suggestions I could try to get an updated firmware running on it? The bizarre thing is, it's an SDHC compatible card (I have a 4GB SDHC MicroSD that I use with it) and it runs fine. I've been having problems with Pokémon Black and White. When I try to load the game it loads/generates the .sav file fine, then freezes on the Game Loading part. YSMenu presents a dldi error and everything else stops just before the game actually loads.

    Very frustrating. [​IMG]
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    Feb 4, 2010
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