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Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by NewEnglandRetro, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I'm lost searching through everything on the topic of DLC and game updates. I have a New Nintendo 3DS , as well as a O3DS and 2DS all U.S. region and on running firmware v9.8. I imported Girls Mode 3 and One Peice: SGBX from Japan for my Amiibo compatible game collection, and have been playing them perfectly fine with the help of regionFOUR. Come to find out that One Peice:SGBX only becomes Amiibo compatible with an update. I'm an idiot and assumed that eShop updates saved to the physical gamecard. (I based the assumption on having recently purchased used copies of both versions of Yo-kai Watch 2. My Ganso version has nothing on the title screen, but my Honke version says v1.1 in the corner. I guess it was a later produced gamecard? or only certain updates write to the card? Anyone know why this would happen?) Being a dumb noob, I asked a friend with a Japanese 3DS to update both games for me and add free Splatoon clothing DLC to my Girls Mode 3. Luckily she noticed the updates didn't stay on the games when she tested them on a second Japanese 3DS. She was kind enough to send me the SD card which she downloaded and tested both game updates and the free DLC on. Is there anything I can do to transfer the data to the microSD of my U.S. NN3DS? Could I factory reset my NN3DS and then transfer the SD data to the mSD in the NN3DS before adding a NNID? Can I convert the update data I have with a PC program to have my NNID and copy it to the games folder in the mSD? Could I use my O3DS or 2DS to add the DLC to GM3? Technically I'm only desperate to transfer the One Peice: SGBX update to the NN3DS since I need the NFC reader, but I would love to have the DLC in GM3 on that system. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my apologies in advance if I missed a similar topic in my wiki search before posting this.


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