Question on Sky3DS Resellers and ShopTemp approved sellers

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    Alright, so I'm assuming that all of the sites provided on ShopTemp as resellers of different products are the trusted/affiliated sites for purchasing flash cards and such. My main issue right now is that the lowest price for a Sky3DS on any of these sites advertised by ShopTemp is about $85. When going through Sky3DS's list of official resellers, the majority of them price them at about $76 right now.

    Has anyone ordered from one of the official resellers that aren't on ShopTemp's list? Can anyone vouch for any of those resellers?
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    You likely want to use this section to find a vendor you want to order from:

    Shoptemp is a good starting point for most sites, and probably has a few reviews for whatever sites your looking at. If you can't find one you like to order from, use the section listed above to find a relevant site to order from that isn't listed on shoptemp.

    The cheaper the price the farther it is away from you, meaning your paying for it in time.