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    I'm not sure if I can post this here (can't really get any help anywhere else), but a few members in the community have been scratching their heads over how to do "wall jumps" in Mario Maker consistently. I overheard a conversation that in the original Super Mario World it required x position, sub pixel position and velocity to perform. (I am not a game dev which is why I am asking for help) Thanks!

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    Can't say much on how faithful the Mario Maker engine is to the original games, but basically:

    Each level is made of 16x16 blocks (look at the gray stones or at the munchers)

    Now look at the stones: their top left corner is missing, suggesting that you could wedge your feet in there (in reality the whole 16x16 block is equally solid; but it makes for a great visual explaination)

    If you were to stand normally on a block, you would obviously be touching the row of pixels that make up the top of the block, right?

    Due to how speed works in the game, if you jump toward a solid structure, you actually go one pixel inside the object before you stop moving horizontally - then the engine pushes you out; if you were at the correct height too (multiple of 16 = top of a block), for that instant as far as the game knows you're standing, with that single pixel, on a solid floor; and you bet Mario should be able to jump while standing on a floor! :)
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