QUESTION: cIOS, cMIOS, Hermes?! Which one to choose?

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    Right heeeere
    Well, everywhere I turn, I always see something about cIOS Installer XXX, cMIOS Installer RevXX, or Hermes cIOS Installer....


    Should I choose one over another? If so, which version should I choose?

    Or, should I just go ahead and go for all of them?


    I am so confused.
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    install them all, at the latest revision. if you encounter problems with a given revision go to the one previous.
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    I would not recommend you to start installing random things onto your wii. That is a sure set way to damage your system.

    Do a little foot work. Learn what each is, what it is used for and determine if you need / want it. Then learn about latest revisions and any known issues they may have. But generally.. CIOS refers to custom IOS. (There are two major ones. Waninokos and Hermes) I think CMIOS refers to something regarding gamecube (i have no idea what).

    in short...
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    install the following
    249 17b, 202 and 223 v5 and 222v4.
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    Get Pimp My Wii 1.43 from filetrip. It updates all your IOSes, and installs all of those cIOSes too in one download.
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    I think this is what the guy asked for here [​IMG]

    The newest cIOS can be installed using different IOS bases, which means that the cIOS installer can take the IOS you choose and patch it so it can play backups, and then copy that to the desired IOS slot (IOS249, IOS222, etc). Here's a "quick" rundown of each cIOS there is, the IOS they can use as a base, and what's good about each.

    Waninkoko's cIOS:

    Used to play backups. IOS249 was the first cIOS to come, so most people use it. If you use the rev19 installer, you can choose from the following IOS to use as a base for IOS249:
    IOS38: Your usual IOS. I think it has the highest compatibility.
    IOS37: Use this IOS if you play Guitar Hero WT or any Rock Band, as this IOS will allow you to use DLC. Otherwise use another IOS.
    IOS57: The fastest IOS for USB loading. Go with this if you're into USB. I think it has a lower compatibility, but I'm not sure.
    IOS60 and IOS70: Don't know much about these, I've never used them and I haven't seen many people with them.

    Hermes' cIOS v5:

    Used for homebrew. There are many options on how to install this, it's usually about trying all of them to see which works best with the homebrew you like. According to the Complete Softmod Guide, you should use IOS60.

    Used to play backups. Can only be installed with IOS38. It has the same features as cIOS249 using IOS38, except it has a spindown fix so thad hard drives that spindown after a period of inactivity are always kept active.

    cIOS223 and 224:
    Both are used for backup loading. They can be installed with the same IOSes as cIOS249, and each one has a similar use. Note that only Hermes' own USB loader, the uLoader, supports these cIOS fully. Most other loaders will crash if you try to run a game under these cIOS.

    I'm gonna give you some options here:

    1) Hermes' IOS is usually considered more compatible with games and it prevents spindown, but it's slower to load than IOS249, and most loaders can't use cIOS223/224. If you can trade a little speed for compatibility and less bugs, then go with cIOS222 as IOS38, cIOS249 as IOS38 (so you can use it with homebrew than only works with IOS38) and install cIOS202, cIOS223, and cIOS224 however you want. Here you'd have to run your games under IOS222.

    2) If you DO care about speed and your drive doesn't have any spindown issues, go with the same configuration above BUT install cIOS249 as IOS57, not as IOS38. Some homebrew may stop working, so you're taking that risk here. Here you'd use IOS249 for your USB loader games.

    3) If you play any music games and want to use DLC songs with them (that's my case) you should install cIOS249 with base IOS37 and cIOS222 with base IOS38. Then you can use cIOS249 for your music games and cIOS222 for all your other games.

    Hope all of this was helpful [​IMG] Most of this info I got from the top of my head, so if anyone sees something incorrect go ahead and correct me!
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    cIOS,cMIOS or Hermes? I would recommend " Herpes"