Question about using tickets instead of cias.

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    I heard if you use a ticket, you can download games directly from the eshop being able to redownload the games. Does this mean the actual game will be linked to your NNID itself, and you will be able to reinstall it even without CFW in the future?
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  2. Quantumcat

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    No, being tied to NNID is server-side, we'll never be able to do that. There are three types of CIAs, legit, good, and regular. Legit CIAs will survive a format (still letting you redownload) and will appear in the list of redownloadable titles in the eShop. There's only 21 for Eur region and about 17 (?) for the US region. They will let you system transfer them ONLY to a CFW 3DS (which doesn't matter really as you can get the other types to show up again as well). These came from preinstalled games on special edition consoles. The 'good' type will let you redownload from the eShop but won't show on the redownloadable software list. You have to search and find the game names yourself on the eShop, in order to redownload. The regular type won't let you redownload at all. For regular and good types, if you do a system transfer to a CFW 3DS, they won't show up, but you can get them to show up again by installing their tickets on the new console.
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