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  1. SunHans

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    Nov 17, 2015

    Is the region emulation of Luma compatible with Old3ds and larger RAM games?

    I tried to start my Pokémon Moon with the region emulation of Luma but it doesn't seem to work :(

    The game starts fine but I can't redeem my Shiny Tapu Koko code because the game says the code is not from my region.

    I have everything I need according with the Luma wiki:
    • The option "Enable game patching" on my Luma v6.6-0eab9127 is selected
    • A txt file with my Pokémon Title ID as filename
    • The txt file is inside of \luma\locales on my SD
    • The txt file content is JPN JP
    I have used the region emulation before on Pokémon XY/ORAS but Pokémon S/M are extended memory mode games so, I want to ask if the region emulation option is supported.

    Well, thanks for reading!

    EDIT: Problem fixed. The thread can be closed ^^
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