Question about my N5 and new games

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  1. mb1029

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    Jan 19, 2011
    lately my n5(r4 clone) doesn't seem able to play new games(the main one i want to play is pokemon b/w)

    the firmware im running is ysmenu

    when ever i try and play a new game, patched or unpatched i get the error "load rom errcode=-4"

    it hasn't been to play any games made in the last 4 months or so i think

    could anyone give me some tips on how to fix it or maybe a different firmware which would work on my flash card
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    Well firstly I would make sure you have the latest (official) firmware for the card (although I don't think that has had an update for quite a while) - & IIRC YSMenu hasn't been updated for a while either, but just to check what version are you using ?? - I THINK there is an updated version on filetrip that newer than the one you get from Yasu webpage

    According to this page the latest version is v1.32 for the 'N5' and v3.02 for the 'N5i' - (the 'N5i' was apparently updated 2 days ago, not sure about the 'N5' one though)

    Alternatively, although I'm not sure it'll work, but since it's a R4/M3 Simply 'clone' you could perhaps try the 'Wood R4' firmware - but IIRC this doesn't work on clones, but you MIGHT be lucky
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    Get rid of that shit.....NOW.

    It's the only flashcart that actually KILLS DSes. is one topic on it, but there are many.