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    May 3, 2006
    Hi all,
    Sorry for my bad english...

    Is it possible to make my own "fst.bin" for my backups?

    I have a SSBB PAL and a SSBB JAP backups.
    I want to replace the PAL "sound" folder by the JAP folder.
    But I can't replace folder (only files).
    So, with WiiScrubber, I have to extract the JAP & PAL partition (Partition2: DATA), remove the sound folder from PAL partition and replace it by the JAP's one.

    Then, I have to use the "partition builder" to remake my partition and then, put the in the PAL Iso.

    But, the fst.bin file seems to be corrupted and the backup won't start... :/

    So, it is possible to keep the modified partition and add new files in the fst.bin file?

    Thanks a lot