Question about eshop/freeshop titles.

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    I was using my 3DS last night and i opened freeshop to see if it was updated. It was, anyway, is impressive and has lots of new features before version 2.0 But i was browsing through the list of titles and i found 2 things that was making me curious.

    The first thing is how some games even though is the same exact game, has some regions that either have more data or less. I looked and i notice some games depending on region has more data than another region. From observation, JPN has lowest, USA has mid and EUR has high, while maybe i dunno exactly why, i find it interesting since is the same game across all regions.

    The second thing is that Some games have multiple flags. Most SNES (And pokemon) Ttitles have all three JPN EUR USA Flags on them. I assume that is the region free situation? The thing i don't understand is that if the games are region free, does that mean that other countries get the same rom? Of course in USA you would get the USA rom from eshop, but it has JPN so are Japan getting the same USA game and not the JPN one? I would assume the multiple flag thing means it works on any console or that it means multilanguage option select. I only know pokemon games for 3DS to have it, so i was just confused.

    This nay not be important at all but it just was bugging me.:unsure:
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    Eur has to add 6-7 languages so naturally it should be the highest.
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    Multiple flags means that's the version of the game released in said region. SNES games are the same in US/EU and run the USA versions of the SNES ROM.
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    I mean, Japanese doesn't have to use as many characters, and only uses one language, while America (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) has longer sentences and three additional languages, while Europe has around 7 languages altogether.

    Flags mean what region the game is in. If one game has multiple flags, it's the same game and is compatible without any regionfree patches in those regions. If it has all three flags, it's completely region-free.
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    games sizes become notably different once they dub the voices. usa releases sometimes include spanish as language option so they get bigger, eu games sometimes have 5 languages, all dubbed.

    as for multiple flags, some games like pokemon are released worldwide and everyone gets the same version (it includes all languages). in such times, freeshop displays all three flags. the games are essentially regionfree by design.
    if theres only one flag, its meant specifically for that region