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    Hey there, how are you? :)

    I have a few questions about custom firmwares.

    I'd like to instal my old ps2 games on my ps3, which is possible as I know.
    However, I heard that it may happen that my ps3 gets banned from the psn forever when I play online/go online.

    What I'd like to know is:
    Is it possible to install a custom firmware + the needed software, instal the ps2 games, delete the cfw and install an official firmware, so I can still go online in the psn, without losing the installed games?
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    The moment you revert back to OFW the moment you lose all those contents you did not buy legitimately from Sony.

    Also clarify installing PS2 game, what exactly are you trying to do?
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    You'll need a Cobra hybrid firmware.

    I think OP just means putting PS2 ISO's on the harddisk...
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    Cobra ODE sounds like what you need, it allows for full backups of PS2 games, although it requires a Phat PS2, it allows for full PSN access with no ban risk either (as of right now). Plus you can stay on OFW, and I'm pretty sure it's solderless as well so about as simple as disassembling you ps3, and reassembling it back together.