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    Hey guys. So, my PS3 Slim, unfortunately, died :( It was cfw'ed. And it's a big loss for me. And I think that I'll buy a new one in the next few weeks, so my question is - should I look for a Slim and cfw it or Super Slim with an ODE? Or should I stay OFW...? I'm kinda confused about what do I want and what not, so any suggestions are welcome. I've over 7tb of games on external HDDs. Not to mention the DLCs. And PSN releases... Regarding the DLCs - are all of them working on ODEs? As I couldn't find a definitive answer when I was reading here and there. I know that there're many "what's better - cfw or ode" topics, and I've read at least a few of them, but as I said earlier, I simply don't know what do I want anymore.
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    I'll recomend you a Cfw ps3. Why?, Because you come from a Cfw ps3 and know how it works... Besides, you can go online with a cfw ps3 sooner than an ODE with the spoofers. ODEs may or not be blocked on new Sistem updates (Nowdays they are blocked on 4.60, cobra team has a "fix" for its decide but it is awfull :P). CFW, better than ODE for me.
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    I also recommend a CFW Ps3. Get a older Slim(because Phats are honestly terrible compared to it) and CFW it.(That's if you want to play backups though) There's a few OFW 3.55 PS3s on EBAY.
    Purchase it from the Top Rated Plus Users. They're more trustworthy. If you ask nicely, they'll even dehash it and install a CFW for you
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