(Q): 2nd/Replacement Joy-con set help?

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    hi all,
    um I have a question regarding joy cons:

    the first set of joy cons im using for switch I've had since I got the system from 2 years ago,
    not sure if the warranty on them has expired or is still good.

    but recently, they have been experience some issues,
    L joy con analog stick "ghosting" : when I press right to move once , it moves, but then moves and extra step.

    anyways, if these go bad to the point of not working or lagging
    I'm gonna have to get a 2nd or recplament pair of cons,
    but im not sure


    if I should get a official Grey set of joy cons L/R


    a cheaper "good" 3rd party set of joy cons from what is available on the market?


    if I end up getting a 3rd party joy cons set, which brand is the best one to get?

    that I can find on amazon uk/us/germany for example?

  2. Agilato

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    Jun 21, 2019
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    Replacement sticks are cheap and easy to replace (Pair is 10-15$ for good quality one).
    If you handheld person you have to buy HORI D-Pad as replacement for left JoyCon it's very cheap doesn't have wireless mode, but worth the money.

    Sadly but all wireless aftermarket JoyCons are garbage...