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    I currently have a PSTV (3.55) and ive been contemplating whether its even worth it to keep it or buy a new one and try to hack that one...

    I want to be able to play any PSVita game and other games but it seems like after updating to 3.55 all I can do is play PSP games, problem is, I currently have a Modded PSP. So Im not sure if its worth keeping since I've already screwed up.

    Should I update and forget about hacking?
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  2. TehCupcakes

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    It wouldn't matter if you got another one. There are no public hacks that allow you to "play any PSVita game". If you're referring to Rejuvenate, that only allows native homebrew, not wide-scale piracy at the moment. (There is a way to load backups without a cartridge, but it requires you to insert a legitimate cartridge for that same game every time you reboot the system, thus basically negating its usefulness.)

    EDIT: Of course, if you are talking about the whitelist hack, then you are going to need to get a new PSTV for that either way. It's kind of up to you whether you sell the one you have and get a new one, or just update and don't bother with hacking. Since you already have a modded PSP, there isn't really much benefit to hacking a 3.55+ PSTV, since the main benefit is running PSP/PSOne ISOs.
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    If you already have a modded PSP there's no point in modding your PSTV. Like the guy above me said, there's currently no hacks that let you pirate Vita games, and there may not be one for some time. There was this P2P Vita flashcart/dongle/whatever that made its rounds on the site a few months ago, but that may have been a hoax (or just a terribly inconvenient method of piracy). Feel free to update your PSTV unless you absolutely have to play PSP games on your TV and have no other method of doing so (PC emulator or smartphone emulator + screencast).
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    You sure he's not talking about the PSTV white list?