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September's PlayStation Plus content included early PES 2011 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demos, as well as access to the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood beta, so what have subscribers got to look forward to over the next few months?

It's all listed below, minus some yet to be announced "surprise treats", which is a relief because at the moment the schedule's looking relatively underwhelming.

Sony's also said that customers who sign up to PlayStation Plus today for a year will receive an extra 90 days free.

PlayStation Plus content, October 6 - November 2

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

Aero Racing
Yeti Sports

PSOne Classic:
Kula World

Full Game Trial:
Ferrari The Race Experience
Tomb Raider Underworld

Exclusive Discounts:
Burn Zombie Burn - 50% discount
Trine - 50% discount
Alien Breed: Impact - 20% discount
Gravity Crash - 50% discount
Ace Armstrong Vs. The Alien Scumbags - 20% - day 1 discount
Shatter soundtrack and Dynamic Theme - 50% discount

Dynamic Themes:
Exclusive Move 'Start the Party' theme
Exclusive 'Halloween' theme

Premium avatars:
Pain: Jarvis and Le Toot Avatars
SingStar: Wannabe and Rising Star Avatars
Exclusive Plus Halloween avatars
Burn Zombie Burn PlayStation Home item

PlayStation Plus content, November 3 - November 30

Critter Crunch


PSOne Classic:
Syphon Filter

Full Game Trial:
To be confirmed

Exclusive Discounts:
Penny Arcade Parts 1 and 2 (buy one, get one free)
Death Track (with Anarchy Racing bundled in free)
Punisher: No Mercy (50%)
Landit Bandit - 50% discount

Dynamic themes:
Exclusive MUBI Theme
Exclusive Shapes Theme

Premium avatars:
To be confirmed


Sep 2, 2008
United States
QUOTE said:
September's PlayStation Plus content included early PES 2011 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demos

Basically, paid demos. They may be part of the monthy service but you're still basically paying for demos and a bunch of other crap you should be getting for free.

This content is crap. PSN Plus is almost as much as a rip off as Xbox Live.

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