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    Jan 10, 2015
    I'm thinking of getting a PSP Go mainly for emulation purposes and media support. I have read the getting started threads which were very good and clear. I want to install a permanent patch on it. Though it seems like it doesn't have that feature (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Here is a Video I want to share:

    I have read here that the PRO CFW 6.60 is the best option. Best this Video is showing that 6.61 ME & 6.61 LME CFW is the better option. I'm just a bit confused which to download (The PRO, ME or LCFW). I just want to know what is the best option to download for current 2015 PSP Go running homebrew.

    Here is a quote from the video

    Hopefully we will see in the future. If anyone is into the PSP scene if they can confirm that a perma patch for all PSP is in the works?

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    There is pratically no point in going permanent as semi-CFW (light CFW) does the exact same features as permanent.
    Only con of light CFW is you have to boot a homebrew everytime you hard reset
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    On the other hand, light CFW lets you move between OFW and CFW effortlessly if you want to access PSN for some reason.

    I would say get PRO 6.60 or LME 6.60 because most of the current homebrew was made for 6.60 and they haven't gotten a revision for 6.61 yet.
    Firmware 6.61 doesn't even add much so no point.

    When you run the CFW Installation, do not run CIPL Flasher since that turns your installed LCFW to permanent CFW.
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