Hacking PsNinja Psnpatch glitching


Dec 16, 2017
hey guys, I'm running a phat nor chipped rebug ps3,

have the latest psninja, rebug toolbox, and psnpatch on my system...

When I open psninja it just boots back to the home screen

and Psnninja does absolutely nothing when I press any buttons, I have a custom idps and etc loaded but even before
that when I was just testing it out it wouldn't do anything, I'd press all the buttons nothing would happen i press the
ps button and everything would be "refreshing " or " loading " all choppy and slow then after 4-5 seconds I could
"quit game " which would then reboot my whole system and i'd hear two beeps.

I'm at a loss here guys, and this isn't the first system i've seen psnpatch act this way either. But all the videos online
show them pressing the button they need and it works flawlessy, like wtf ? am i missing something ?

as for psninja do you reckon i should get an older version ? all of these are up to date with the latest rebug firmware ( not lite )

thanks in advance !
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