PSA: Want Art Academy in English? Don't get the US ROM...

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    So, I decided to grab an Art Academy ROM last week and try it out. I grabbed the US one. However, the game black-screened in the middle of the first tutorial. I tried other ROMs of the same region, thinking maybe it was a bad dump. Nope! Eventually, I moved on to the EU ROM and it worked, first try.

    I've got the latest Wood R4, so if the US ROM was going to work, it would have.

    I'm thinking some people forgot about the US ROM when making anti-piracy bypasses for their kernels, since the EU ROM works just fine now and is practically the same thing... But I always go for US ROMs first before going on to EU if I need to. A lot of people do that, I'm assuming...

    PSA: If you want to play Art Academy, get the EU ROM.
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