1. mikkelzzz3

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    Oct 23, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Hey guys,
    I've looked everywhere for this question without success, so I hope the awesome community here can help me out! (I'm using the same hardrive as I have invested in an SSHD)

    1: I have a PS4 firmware 6.00

    2: I bought a PS4 Pro firmware 5.05

    3: Did a backup of my PS4 6.00

    4: Moved SSHD from PS4 to PS4 Pro

    5: Installed SSHD on PS4 Pro, and downlaoded and installed the 5.05 recovery update. (PS4 Pro works, still on 5.05)

    Now the question is. If I want to restore the backup I did in step 3, would this update the firmware to v. 6.00, or would it only restore games, save data etc.?
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