PS3 PS2 save data to PS2 and back to PS3

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    So, My friend is coming over to my place in seek of special help; Since he got steambot PS2 game, what he plays on his PS3, he got in a part that is bugged, and jams on PS3. He wishes to copy the save on USB stick, get to my place (you may already know that I am handy with my new modded PS2) - copy the save over the stick to my memory card, play the part through, save, and put that save back to the stick and then to PS3.

    So, that is the project; I already found a tool to extract .PSV files what is the format PS3 seems to export it's saves. So I think getting the save out is easy part, just get it on mass media and use uLaunchELF file manager to copy and pasta.

    So, how about when you get the PS2 file out?

    I know that PS3 at least uses The PSV file, and PS2 raw saves are folders with icon data and rest of save data how the game wants it. I did search on google but did not tackle on anything definitive, what I got is that it MAY not be needed to convert a raw PS2 save data file (not one made by cheat device, but a RAW 1:1 copy pasta from memory card)

    If not, any guides on it? Thanks for all help, would really help me and my friend!
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