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    Jul 14, 2009
    United States
    Well, I'll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible.[*]After PSN started using that new authentication, I decided to go through and uninstall the rebug 3.60 spoofer[*]Found it froze, so restarted the ps3, as it wasn't the first time that happened iwth the app. However, I couldn't get a video signal at all[*]Did the procedure for recovery mode, and could do that at least.[*]Still wouldn't let me into the system. At this point I was thinking "ohshi-- don't tell me I brickeded it!"[*]Reflash with kmeaw 3.55... everything seemed to go okay [​IMG] [*]before it would let me back into the XMB, it said it needed to "rebuild the database", and forced it along.[*]I get back to the XMB, and it's now given a "*" next to my user profile(s)[*]Now, my PSN login button is replaced with a "sign up now" button, and games that I OWN and demos I downloaded before the authentication started won't start. [​IMG]Multiman and homebrew works fine either way... but needless, this is quite the inconvenience. I'm also guessing there's no "license transfer utlity" like there is for the Xbox 360. So now it won't let me prove I own these games/DLC/etc. Unless I sign in again... which currently requires an update, I don't want to install... since I like my homebrew, and have been patiently waiting to be able to start running Linux again proper (at least until there's a stable RSX driver; ideally if it's as plug-and-play as OtherOS with 3.15 was).

    Now kinda feeling stupid I never gave that utility for backing up licenses a try... but then again, I never had anything like this happen either. So I was not expecting to suddenly need to be able to login and verify my credentials. If there's any suggestions that I can do while still on CFW, I don't mind giving it a go. As I said, this is mostly so I can play the stuff that I have legit rights to again. Just glad it wasn't like last time where I also lost a boatload of trophies too.
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