PS3 : my password is lost and i cannot recover it

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    i never get an account on the ps3 (because it is my brother's ps3) and 1 day he read that the ps3 could download much more in the playstation store if it was us etc. (bla bla) so he wanted the lord of the rings conquest demo because he may want to buy it ... but his playstation account was already EU so he made another account just for fun and he did the settings from the playstation store that way so that its us...

    now after that i could have that account and edit the name and everything and he set the password on automaticly (because he just did something like : jfiejfsioi - and then write it down because he couldnt think of something else... but now a few months has passed and my account is great... i ve beated many games and i have many friends and many trophys
    but now i needed to enter my password for something and i dont know what it is... my brother also doesnt remember (the paper was thrown away) and after that i was looking at my usual sign in password and looked how many digits it has but then i pressed the x button (not on purpose of course) and then my pass was gone !

    when i pressed O my pass was still gone so now i NEED to find out what my pass is but when i go to recover my password i need to enter my date (my brother also just did something) so i dont know that either....... i dont want to make an new account [​IMG] all my effort....all my trophys will be gone then [​IMG] and i cant afford that so i've gone to playstation (on the internet) and made an new account but when i log in on my playstation (with the new account i made) it says : You cannot sign in using another user's sign in (e-mail address)

    WHAT DO I DO NOW !!!? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Please help !
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    Call the helpdesk of Sony Netherlands.

    This is the number:
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    On the log in to your PSN account you should see a big button just above the Sign In marked "forgot your password". Hit that and you will have to answer the security question you had set up while making your account. They will then send the pass to the address under your account.