PS3 HEN Ban Risk without Homebrew Installed at all? (I know, it sounds silly...)


Dec 16, 2022
United States
there's no telling, which is why that do suggest reformatting the drive as well if you're going back to ofw. I remember Habib saying that even changing your idps is actually detectable. however, the fact that sony said it was hack proof may be dubious as to what they can and can't see. they may not have put in enough safeguards. it sounds like they have with the ps5 (not sure about the ps4).
Likelihood is I'm not gonna do this anytime now. I'm considering investing in a dedicated "mod" PS3 one of these days simply because it might genuinely be the best course of action. Would very easily be no big loss if that hypothetical PS3 got banned because nothing of value would really be lost. (or maybe find the slim PS3 that DID get banned and use that for mods because it's not like that thing's going on PSN anytime soon and I could do a lot more with it because said PS3 isn't gonna be connecting, like actually use homebrew on it or something.)

Thanks for all of your input, probably won't do it on my primary PS3 because this idea crossed my head. I really only need HEN for my purposes (as I'm not anticipating myself using something absolutely CFW-critical) so even the weird PS3 Super Slim would work (though I would prefer a slim or fat simply because they usually have better storage capacity AND I have the potential to go all the way to CFW if I wanted, provided the model is compatible with CFW.)
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