PS1/2 PS2 SLIM reads DVDr for a little while, then can't read after warmup. Why?


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Aug 3, 2006
United States
Hello. I have PS2 Slim version SCPH-70012. I have been using FreeDVDboot and it seems to work, for awhile. Games boot with no issue but after playing the game for 10 minutes or so, the system stop being able to read the DVDR.

If I reset the system, it can no longer read and boot the DVD. If I turn off the system and let the system sit awhile, it will read the disc again, for a little while.

It seems that as the system warms up, it's no longer able to read and as it cools, it can read again. I have tried pointing a fan at the system and I even bought a laptop cooling fan to place under the PS2 but it doesn't help so I am not sure that heat is the issue.

Also, retail discs don't seem to have this problem they always read fine.
I already adjusted the pot on the laser I got it close to 725 Ohms (700, I think) and that didn't seem to help.

I am trying to decide on the next troubleshooting step. Maybe I need to replace the laser? Maybe I need to use a different brand of DVDRs. I have some unbranded thermal DVDRs.
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