PS2 -> GCN adapter questions...

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    Has anybody here used this adapter:

    PS2 -> GCN Adapter on eBay

    If you have used this, do you know if there is supposed to be any issues with this adapter and Wireless Logitech PS2 controllers? Everything seems to work accept the R2 button, which is translated to R on the GCN. Games like any Zelda are unplayable. I don't currently have access to any wired controllers, or an official PS2 wireless. That will change in a couple days, but I just want to know if this issue is for all controller types, or just this one.

    EDIT: Alright, I've had a chance to try this with three different controllers. One of which was a wired Sony Dualshock 2, so it should have worked. It didn't. I've requested my money back. Now, a new question...

    What do you guys recommend for this?