Project m up b and up smash glitch on loader?

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    So I got Project m running in configurable USB Loader and the game runs fine, it all runs at a smooth frame rate and it looks fine. HOWEVER the music is glitchy and switches to this unrecognizable noise that will make your ears bleed. And when you start playing the game there is a glitch when you go offstage and use a b move, then if you try to up b' recover, you can't and you must input the move twice. After this the game won't recognize up smashes at all with the analog stick and you must use the c-stick. Also the game takes around 10 seconds to load a stage.

    The game seems to not be reading my inputs correctly after that and I must reset the game to stop the glitch.

    I'm using a brawl split wbfs which I have on a 1 terabyte hhd which is formatted to fat32. The wbfs is located in the wbfs folder. The hhd is formated to fat32 because I have nintendont and brawl is split because of it.
    When I load Pm I turn ocarina on and set hook type to VBI and loads fine

    I'm using the hackless version of project m ver. 3.5, however I was using 3.6, but because I was trying to fix the problem I downgraded thinking that was the case. I have the .gct in root/usb loader/codes this is where cfu loader reads it from. I took the projectm folder, which has the pf and launcher folder and placed it on the root of my sd card. The gameconfig.txt is in the root. I have the private folder there as well, however this for this one I simply took the "app" folder, which was in private/wii/app and placed it on my root/private/wii because I already had one.

    My sd card 32gb and works fine.
    If someone has experienced this glitch or know of how to fix it plz answer.

    Also it is NOT my controller since I thought that's what it was first.
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