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  1. XIII-San

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I played a lot at Jump Ultimate Stars and waited for a suite on DS. But years later, nothing came. With a friend, we have thorough the game, and both think that something is missing in this game to make it more technical.
    JUS Community had set up rules to make the game playable and fairly technical.
    I do not know if you know something about fighting game, but one of the main flaws of this game is that there is no blockstun, leaving room for inblockables counters, so that the first who attack has lost.
    A second flaw is that the "support koma" can run even when we are attacked. Hence the presence of these rules and my desire to change the game.
    On top of that, many manga character are not playable, I do a bit of pixel art so make a movelist would not be really difficult, I am looking for help especially for encoding and integrating it in the game .
    Some characters have moves that do not correspond at all with the manga, and some are broken. The ideal would be to change some moves and the frames list.
    A slightly less significant feature to which I thought is to add a "Burst". This means that pressing a button combination (Example: L+R), it produces a sort of "explosion" that has frames of invincibility which the Hitbox is around the character, the interest is primarily to prevent the enemy coming to attack you.
    To limit abuse, it will be removed 1/16th of our lives and 3SP.

    What I am looking to do in this game would be:
    -Adding characters.
    -Modification of the characters.
    -Add-on blockstun
    -Inability to use support koma during blockstun and hitstun.
    -Add a cooldown on support koma.
    -Add a Burst.
    -Adding a field with indestructible walls and only one platform.
    (-Adding a French translation? I can do it alone, as here we are mainly english and an English translation has already been made.)

    So I'm looking for: people who can change a game on DS (using software like DSlazy, Alar Tool, Hex Workshop and Tile Molester), people who know coding on DS, graphic designers (you can already count me in, but only me will be really hard), people who are interested in VS fighting in general and familiar with Jump Ultimate Stars. All that to change this game, which, I think, has a good potential.

    If you're tempted to participate in this project, add me on MSN: XIII_13@hotmail.fr

    PS: Feel free to ask me if you do not understand any technical terms that I used.
    PS²: Sorry if my English is bad, I'm French.
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    Jun 17, 2008
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    First have to say that it is a very good Idea.
    I love the game.
    But do you that everything is possible ? My skills in coding are nearly 0 so i don´t know anything about it [​IMG]

    Oh and do you know the Anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn ! ?
    My favourite anime and there is a game (Flame Rumble XX) which is also a fighting game.
    I think that you could take some sprites from there or some other things.
    Good luck with your work [​IMG]
  3. Necron

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    Dec 29, 2008
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    I play a lot this game, and always the good way (no using supports during your oponent's combo, not spam, no big3, etc) but, this hack may cause errors with the other unpatched games and the retail ones. You should think about that, if there are not problems (doubt it, there always are) I support this [​IMG]
  4. The Composer

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    I played this game online everyday for about 3 years, and I came to the same conclusions as you.

    Even if you play without support and help komas (this is done by adding one useless help koma and one support not using it), this game is about infinity guards and push guards. Like you said, the one who attacks first loses.

    There are also some broken specials and moves with major priority (+6 Dio Brando Special done with X) and some other moves that are insane (+6 Dio Brando Special done with Up X).

    Because of all that, I support every one of your ideas. Sadly, I can't hack, code, or whatever is actually useful.

    I would want to help you with testing though. I have experience testing betas and other hacks, so I can tell which thing would need corrections or not.

    Lastly, thanks for this awesome idea. I thought of this a long ago, but never actually tried it.
  5. Magicrider

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    Yeah, XIII and me think the same (I'm his friend) and that's good to see that you guys too.

    The one who attacks first loses. And that's why you have to set rules with the players if you want to play fairly
    The blockstun idea is good. I just hope that it won't be too insane with chars like mashirito..
    Burst too.
    Unfortunately.. I think it's too hard to code something like this.

    We discussed with a friend who is pretty good in coding (not DS games) and he told us that it will be very hard to add characters. The best way is to remplace characters who are already in the game. That would be bad.. =/

    I hope there are people who want to help us, because i can't code/hack or anything like that.. >_>
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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Wow good hack

    this is also my 100 post [​IMG]
  7. XIII-San

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I tried to use the sprites from the DS game Reborn!, And indeed it fits pretty well in the game, here's an example:)
    Otherwise, thank you for your encouragement. [​IMG]
  8. Rubedo

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    I would recommend NOT trying to add new characters, at least not until more important things like balance are done.

    A few suggestions: (Most of these were taken from a thread on GameFAQs)


    - Remove and fix ALL known glitches, including Tap Guarding, the Satsuki Healing Glitch, Invincibility Glitch and the glitch that makes Freeze/Paralyze last for more time.
    - Completely remove the Black Koma from the game.
    - Make Komared, Komayellow and Komagreen's Help Koma nullify Attack Seall, Movement Seal and Guard Seal respectively.
    - Battles start with all players at 0 SP.
    - SP regains slightly slower.
    - To use a Support while being attacked will cost 2 SP.
    - All characters have equal HP for a given Koma level. For example, all 4 Koma have the same HP, all 5 Koma still have higher HP than 4 but all have the same HP, etc.
    - Paralyze and Freeze last less time.
    - Increase all Guard Break attack speeds.
    - Guard can be crushed with normal attacks easier
    - Implement Chip Damage (Maybe take 1 damage per blocked normal and 1/4 damage per blocked special)
    - Remove SP-less infinites (off the top of my head, Sasuke, Hiei and Rukia have them)
    - If one or more characters are still alive after Sudden Death, the winner is decided by whoever has the most HP (percentage-wise), and if all players have equal HP, then they are all treated as losers and do not receive a win and receive minimal gems.
    - Ultimate Actions that slowly restore HP or SP restore them a little bit faster.

    - Make Trunks 3 unable to be used in the air.
    - Have Sena 3 NOT turn the player around and only drain 1 SP.
    - Make Seiya 3 unable to be used in the air and have him take longer before he attacks.
    - Make Sasuke 2, Edajima 2, Buu 2, Raoh 2, Freeza 2 and Caramelman J 2 supports usable without hacking.
    - Make Nishino 3 drain less SP and need to only be blocked once (like Shun 3)
    - Make Shishio 2 have more startup, hold the opponent for less time and deal less damage
    - Make Hibari 3 escapable by using any support

    Battle Characters:

    - Remove Dio and Jotaro's ability to stop time while time is already stopped.
    - Make - Taikoubou's attacks deal less damage, have more start-up (making some of them uncomboable), he cannot juggle with B+up, his B+forward has less range
    - Make Raoh deal less damage, make some of his attacks slower and have less priority overall.
    - Make Yusuke's B have less priority
    - Make Eve's 5 X+up Guard Break
    - Make Zoro faster and deal more damage
    - Make Luffy deal more damage with his normal attacks
    - Make Piccolo faster and deal more damage. Make his 5 X+up faster and make his X attacks charge faster and deal more damage without charging.
    - Make Franky's Ultimate Action never fail and make it faster.
    - Fix Kagura's hitboxes. If she's in the air, many attacks won't hit her.
    - Increase Robin's attack damage
    - Increase Anna's attack damage
    - Reduce the push guard recoil on Renji and Jotaro's attacks.
    - Make Jotaro's touch attack have more lag and keep it's push guard recoil.
    - Reduce Dio's 6 X damage and ringout strength, and increase it's push guard recoil.
    - Make Yugi's 4X and 6X faster
    - Increase Ichigo 8's special attack damage
    - Make Renji 6's specials stronger and faster
    - Increase the lag on Kenshin's 4X and Rukia's 6X
    - Enable all Dragon Ball characters to Air Dash
    - Make Vegetto able to Warp Dash
    - Make Vegetto/Goku faster and deal more damage
    - Make Vegeta's 4X slower
    - Make Gotenks 5's X+up charge faster
    - Increase Gotenks 4's X lag
    - Remove Bo-Bobo and Don Patch's weakness to Special Attacks


    Why not add Jump Super Stars versions of the characters? That way you'll have to do little to no sprite work and will only have to worry about programming them into the game and adjusting their damage and HP and such?

    I mean, look at JSS Naruto alone. It'd make sense to have JSS Naruto, JSS Sakura and JSS Sasuke since they play and look COMPLETELY different than their JUS incarnations (though Kakashi sucks in that game, screw him) AND there's a whole bunch of JSS Naruto supports that aren't in JUS.

    And of course, this applies to other series as well. Most of the JSS characters play nothing like their JUS versions, and even characters that did get supports in JUS have completely different effects. There's also a whole bunch of unused Help Koma.

    Think about it, the sprites and Koma artwork are already there, so all that remains is the programming. There's virtually no reason NOT to add them.

    Edit 2: Now that I think about it... JSS has a few things that would need to have sprites made...
    JSS has no dashing or wall grabbing, so you'd need to draw sprites for those, and you'd need to create an Ultimate Action sprite for them. Perhaps you should just maybe port the JSS Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke over, and then all the JSS Supports and Helps and then think about porting other JSS Battle characters at a later time?
  9. ilea

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    no problem [​IMG]
    i would like to help more but dont know what [​IMG]
  10. jackdanielchan

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    Mar 15, 2009
    If I can play as L then this has my support!
  11. Rubedo

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    Jul 29, 2008
    United States

    That aside, a few more minor suggestions:
    - Increase Kinnikuman's attack damage, and reduce the amount of healing in his 7 Koma healing special.
    - Port Jump Super Stars stages into the game
    - Increase Edajima's attack damage.
    - Increase the attack lag of Momotaro's Y+forward.
  12. _Chaz_

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    This reminds me a lot of the Super Smash DS Hype threads.
    But with a base game to start from, this might actually get completed at least once.
  13. Jump_0

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    Oct 12, 2010
  14. Rubedo

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    Jul 29, 2008
    United States
    Anything that involves changing values should be a cinch for anyone with programming knowledge.
    Stuff like changing damage amounts, healing amounts, priority, movement speed, charge time, and adding/removing auto-abilities (like removing Bo-Bobo and Patch's weakness to Specials) should be a non-issue.
    Anything else would be a bit more complicated.
  15. XIII-San

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I have bold that with which I do not agree. To return to my first request, I look for people competents for programming on the DS, I am not talented in there. For that the project progresses, it takes people. Give ideas is good, true, but if you can not apply them, it is useless. So thank you in advance.
  16. Rubedo

    Rubedo Aikawa is OLEV

    Jul 29, 2008
    United States
    1. The Black Koma MUST be removed. If you need to test, you can use a cheat which won't work on Wi-Fi anyway. The Black Koma is what killed this game in the first place.
    2. The duration for Paralyze and Freeze is still too long. Even a SLIGHT reduction would be effective. The status effect time reducing help koma will still work effectively for all other status effects and will work better for Paralyze/Freeze.
    3. Not ALL guard breaks need to be faster, just the notably bad ones, like Sanji's and Luffy's for example.
    4. JUS has overpowered defense. The game is a turtles game and it needs to be fixed. Guard strength must be reduced, if only a little bit.
    5. SP-less infinites means infinite combos that a character can perform without the use of special attacks or supports. Sasuke, Rukia and Hiei can all do this, and these should be fixed.
    6. There needs to be some sort of sudden death fix, it's one of the major problems with the game and the reason why gem farmers exist.
    7. Trunks is still too powerful and should not be able to be used in the air. That alone would greatly decrease it's effectiveness.
    8. Seiya is the mini-Trunks. If Trunks is nerfed, then Seiya will become the new Trunks. Seiya must be nerfed too because of that.
    9. Regarding Eve's 5 X+up guard breaking: It's to make the attack more like it is in the actual manga. The Nanoslicer's very purpose is to pierce armor. It's not much different than Vegeta 4X+up and it's on a 5 Koma.
    10. Luffy's speed has nothing to do with why he sucks. His problem is that his normals are too weak and he relies on specials because of that. Luffy is useless with no SP, so his normals need to be better.
    11. Kagura's hitbox is still broken. It doesn't happen to anyone else, so it must not have been intentional by the programmers, it is therefore a glitch and should be fixed.
    12. Robin's normals have a lot of priority, but she still does pathetically low damage. It's virtually impossible for her to kill heavy HP characters like Raoh and Edajima because of it. She doesn't even really have any good ringoutting moves either. A simple 1 damage boost on all of her normals and a little more to her specials would work wonders for her.
    13. Anna isn't slow... She's rather averagely fast. She just does extremely low damage except for her specials.
    14. I think you misunderstood what I said about the push guard recoil. The problem is that if you use Push Guard (The X Guard, as you called it), Jotaro and Renji will go flying across the stage with almost any of their attacks. It makes sense for it to push them away a fair distance, but it pushes them WAY too far.

    Also, regarding adding new characters...
    You can NOT use the sprites from the Reborn games, or virtually any other games. You would have to either make the sprites yourself or rip them from Jump Superstars. Here's an example:
    It's clear that the sprites for JSS/JUS are based on the same style... Whereas the one from Flame Rumble XX looks COMPLETELY different, is HUGE and would just look TERRIBLE in the same game as the other characters.

    Edit: Oh, one more idea.
    Why not make smaller Koma versions of characters who only have large Koma? For example, having Edajima 4-7, Freeza 4-5, Buu 4-5, Raoh 4-5 and Sasuke 4-6. I suggest keeping Caramelman J at 8 only though.
    As for the differences between the Koma, you could simply just make their specials from later Koma less effective. For example, Sasuke's X attacks would deal less damage the lower the Koma was, and for example, his 4 X+up might be his 7 X+up, but dealing much less damage, not guard breaking and not inflicting burn.
    As for the Koma design... Just make it a black square a guess. Maybe you should write the character's name in English and in Japanese on it, though, to make it easier to tell who it is when you're fighting, in case you have more than one of these characters.
  17. XIII-San

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    Nov 11, 2010
    For Tsuna's Sprites, just reduce it (I did that on paint in 5 seconds):
    The size is similar to the sprite of JUS and the graphic style is not too different ... I would say that the quality is better, and it does not detract at all.

    I would answer the rest tomorrow, I'll sleep there.
    But thank you for your help. ^^

    All characters have equal HP for a given Koma level. For example, all 4 Koma have the same HP, all 5 Koma still have higher HP than 4 but all have the same HP, etc. >>> It seems completely illogical ... Franky would have the same stamina as Lenalee ... I do not agree at all, the differences in life MUST be there.
  18. Rubedo

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    Jul 29, 2008
    United States
    Hmm... That doesn't look too bad, honestly, though it's still a little too big...
    But what about characters from other series? I sure don't only want to have the new characters be Reborn characters...
    OH, you could probably use One Piece Gigant Battle characters!
    Though like I said before, you should work on balancing JUS first and releasing that before you try and add new characters. You can always make new versions of it as you add things.

    Also make sure to check my previous posts, I edited them since you last replied to them so there's some new details.
  19. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    You can't anti-alias sprites like that on the DS without them getting totally screwed up (palettes and all).
  20. Rubedo

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    Jul 29, 2008
    United States
    Also, one thing I think that anyone working on this project should avoid is only working on their own favorite characters.
    I think that there should be a variety of new characters if you do make new ones, and not just a whole bunch of Naruto characters, or a whole bunch of Reborn characters and just 1 One Piece character for example.

    I think that the first thing that should be done regarding new characters is supports since they're easier to make and thus more could be made in a shorter time frame.

    Also you should keep in mind that you should focus on popular characters as well as characters that could actually have a potentially good moveset. For example, it would be strange to put someone like Tenten in before you would put someone like Itachi in.

    Though... My personal wish list is the following >_>
    One Piece: (All of these can be ripped from Gigant Battle)
    Battle: Chopper (Heavy Point), Usopp, Brook (Brook should AT LEAST be a support)
    Support: Ace, Crocodile

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:
    Battle: Joseph (4/5 Young Joseph, 6 Koma Old Joseph)

    Battle: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura from JSS
    Support: All the JSS Supports

    Battle: Aizen, Ishida

    Dragon Ball:
    Battle: Young Goku, Cell

    But hey, I'm not the one calling the shots >_>