[Project]Exploring and solving the Wii U with an autistic mind

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Hello GBATempers! My name's Sebastian, please call me Seb or Trylk.

    As you could have read, probably, from the title I am starting a new project.

    Let's go through that Project's details chart. :)


    First of all, before continue reading, please understand this:
    As I am autistic, this means I "brainly" am less able of social capabilities. But, because my autism is "High", I can relate things that normal people can't.
    E.g.: This, if connected to that should do that and by self-knownledge doing this sould work without issues.

    Yes, I can make theories that I know will work without even testing them. How? I "connect" my known "connectors" (what i have in mind *aka : ideas*) with my logic.

    So let's go and keep reading this !

    The way I will work with that is I will examinate ports and figure out what is known and what's not. Eg : accessory port (bottom) on the DRC's shelling.


    Images? Yeah! I will post them when I can and if I have time for it.
    *NOTICE* I will make a lot of efforts regarding image's quality by using a transparent background and censoring barcodes. (You won't see my Wii U serial number).

    Sounds ? Maybe... because the thing is : if I do, it's directly recorded from MY OWN WII U and it's kind of "not authorized by Nintendo". Well, I will consider editing MetaDatas so they are not "random files on the Web".

    What material/softwares will be used for that ?
    • A computer
    • Audio jack 3.1mm extender (male connectors)
    • Nintendo Wii U console
    • Nintendo Wii U DRC
    • MicroSD Card (32Gb) + adapter
    • A lot of PC softwares (eg: paint dot net, audacity, notepad++)
    What's next? Eh you gotta wait! I'm preparing it right now!

    What's your very first theory about it?
    I think this will help people on the GBATemp to understand in another way of thinking how the Wii U works all togheter.
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