Problems with EZ Flash Vi

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Well first of all hi everyone ^^ this is my first topic, and i have to appologise all the ppl here x_x

    its not great to come here in this forum and start to ask help x_x

    well i have some questions to make

    I have bought a Nintendo DS (the fat one), and ive bought a Ez Flash Vi to my DS, well the point is, the flash cart :

    1º. I am playing a game its okay, the game runs, i play the game, the game creates a save file in the folder save inside the root, the same name is there (its equal from the name of the game), but when i turn off the DS and play again the game, the game starts all over again, but the save its there, soo i dont know what to do x_x

    If anyone could help me ill thk a lot x_x

    the second thing is...

    well i am playing a game in the DS and if i press A+B+L+R, the DS Blocks x_x and i have to turn Off the DS to be normal again.

    Well if anyone could help me or if anyone know how to solve this problems i thk u very much x_x

    this is the pack of the Ez flash V i ive bought :


    Thanks [​IMG]

    EDIT: well i have fix the problem ^^

    i have to put the version open beta 1.90 and i was using the 1.80H version =D

    Anyway thks all