Problems with editing my AR cheat codes ?

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    Feb 13, 2009
    I am using an original R4ds, and its running on the woodR4 now.

    Now the problem is, when i go to the action replay folder, then use cheat editor, i can no longer open my usrcheat.dat. i just get an freeze error on the computer.

    I could always add more codes to a game before, but it stopped working since i got woodR4. (i used YSMENU before too).

    So i download cheat databases/lists whatever from

    It got codes for Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace, and many, but not the codes that I need.

    I found the AR codes for the ones allowing you to modify your fake "brotherbands" , which Noise form they use etc.

    But i cant put the codes in my usrcheat.dat cuz i cant even open it now.

    on top of that, i seem to have three usrcheat.dats, in my R4 folder. One in the system folder, on in the cheat folder, and one in the TTmenu folder.

    Which one "belongs" to the gbatemp cheatdatabase ?

    I know its complicated, but if someone could please help me, i would appreciate it a lot!!
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    May 28, 2008
    having a crap load of codes you don't need can take up a lot of space.
    you can replace everyone of those files with your new file that just has the games you play on it.
    Select the game copy it in r4cce paste that in the second r4cce that has a new (smaller) cheat file and then save that cheat file over the others (all of them).
    It could be as simple as the cheat file taking too much space. give that a try and let us know what happens.