1. Elucidate

    OP Elucidate Newbie

    Sep 6, 2015
    United States
    My system:
    • n3ds(j) :: 9.1.0-20J FW
    • EmuNAND set up and unlinked from sysNAND
    • MenuHax/Browserhax working
    • Any CFW can boot sysNAND
    • EmuNAND has cia installer set up
    I have tried many of the builds of rxTools and even reiNAND to no avail when trying to boot them to the emuNAND consistently. rxTools does boot fully to the emuNAND sometimes but it's very rare (like 4/100+ attempts). Most attempts either end in the bottoms screen showing the sd card has been removed unexpectedly or that a system error has occurred and I should reboot my system. I'm starting to think it may either be my 32GB SanDisk micro at fault or the fact that I'm on 9.1. Any advice or tips appreciated as I've pretty much thrown my hands in the air and given up.

    video of it booting and showing the structure of my sd card.
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