Question Problems after reducing USER partition on emummc

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  1. Epoxyc

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    Sep 9, 2019
    I've been running Atmosphère on emummc on 8.1 without any problem.
    Since I don't have anything installed on my emummc, it is a waste of 32GB, I wanted to get the space back by reducing the USER partition.
    I decided to rebuild a smaller emummc:
    - Found an old 8.0.1 backup (a dd of the emummc partition is not recognized as a valid image, too lazy to make a new backup from Hekate).
    - Made a new rawnand.bin (cat BOOT0 BOOT1 rawnand.bin.* > emunand.bin) from it.
    - Used this script: to reduce the size.
    - I set USER to 1.0GB (python emunand.bin 1.0 prod.keys).
    - Deleted my emummc partition and created a new one slightly bigger than the resized emunand.bin.
    - Used dd to write it to the new partition and changed the first sector in emummc.ini.
    - It boots normally.

    After booting, I am on 8.0.1 as expected, but I notice some slowdowns, the switch freezes quite often for few seconds and I cannot launch any of my games.
    I update to 8.1 with Choixdujour to be sure it's not due to the firmware. Same problem, error 2002-1002 when I try to launch a game, even after a reinstall.
    I am currently writing back my old emummc image on the SD.

    Any idea on what could be the problem?
    Does Atmosphere work well with a non-default size USER partition? Is 1.0GB too small?
    Have I missed something in the partitioning setup (partition alignment, etc..)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Edit: Everything works as before after I restored the image, any idea about how to reduce the size?
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    Sep 18, 2014
    You can't reduce the size yet. Maybe in the future.
  3. Epoxyc

    Epoxyc Newbie

    Sep 9, 2019
    I have seen a few posts on the internet about that, so I thought it was possible and despite the slowdowns and the errors when launching games the system seemed to work fine.
    May I ask at which level is the limitation?
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