Problem with Sky3ds ( online services on Smash Bross, SSFIV)

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    Hellow Everyone, im sorry but i just got my sky3ds some days ago, i already played, by the way i have my own private headers, i had to get another 3ds with firmware 9.0 xD

    well, my problem is the next

    i have already played as i said, games like

    The legend of zelda ocarinas time

    Luiguis mansion

    the legend of zelda majorask mask 3d

    new yoshis island

    Mario kart 7 ( online mode )

    Sonic all stars transformers 3ds ( online mode )

    pokemon OR ( online mode )

    resident evil revelations

    but the problem comes with smash bross, SSFiv for now

    i try to play them online but an error shows up saying that i cannot use online servises with that gamecard, i have tried to download more roms but the same happened, my private head is from pokemon X, Pokemon AS, Luigis Mansion, WipeOut 3 and Dual Pen Sports 3d

    so i dont think is my header, some people told me that is about the Cart ID and Chip ID, that i need to modify them inside template. i even contacted skyds team

    one of them sent me here, and showed me a thread about the Sky Army Knife, but when i try to execute and load the template it says, template file invalid, i tried to use another from their download page without my heads and it was the same.

    i also tried the templateidtool from skyds but i dont event know where can i get the cart id and chip id from each room.

    im about to loose my head, if someone could help me i will really appreciate it,

    i just want to play Smash bross Online, i played with my cousin in WiiU and it was awesome, just like it was in N64

    PD: sorry for my written english, im from Colombia and im in USA since just 6 months ago
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    Feb 17, 2015
    Bump! I need this too.
  3. crea

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    Mar 20, 2013
    What I want to know is, do you need to keep the Cart-ID of the original ROM, or replace it with the Cart-ID of the private header you take the unique-ID from?

    My guess was to keep the Cart-ID of the original ROM, so all you need to do is replace the unique-ID
  4. Sharpzz

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    Feb 22, 2015

    I have tried this. I had the same problem and did what was said in this post! :D