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    Sep 14, 2009
    Hi! I bought a R4i Gold 3DS ( This one exactly:
    It arrived today and I'm trying it on my 3DS (11.0.0-33)
    I downloaded "WOOD R4 V1.64" from and placed it on my microSD, and some DS games.
    Problem: It's like it gets corrupted each time I run it, and I have to format my microSD. And when a game wants to write data or save on the "cartridge" it shows an error, "Unable to write data". But I can start a game in "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" because it doesn't write data at the beginning. Also most games stuck on "Loading" screen.

    This is how my microSD looks:
    _rpg folder:

    Now, this is how the "program" looks the first time I go into it in my 3ds:
    It looks fine. But if I run any game, it can't write data, or won't load at all.
    Now I turn it off, and go into it again:
    It's already corrupted, Interface doesn't show properly.
    Some games load but won't start because they can't write data:

    And this is how the _rpg folder looks:
    See the "ui" folder? now its called "ui `" and I can't open it: "Access denied"
    Sometimes every folder and file gets corrupted, file names and extensions changes to weird ones, and sometimes I can't even go into my SD and I have to format it directly.

    I tried 2 different microSD, so that's not the problem. And they work well for other purposes (one of them I used it to boot Windows, and the other one it's on my phone)

    Am I doing something wrong, or is my flashcard broken?? Hope anyone can help :\
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    Sounds like a broken flashcard.