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    i was referred to this thread by a admin , supposely this should be dealing with
    I don't see this website mentioned anywhere in this thread , so i'm confused

    well here is the deal anyway , excuse me if this is the wrong place to post this

    I have a slight problem , i ordered a r4ds with rumbleback and gba expansion from gameyeeeah , got payment confirmation and tracking number but doesn't recognise my tracking number

    It is almost 2 weeks after i received the tracking number but still doesn't recognise it
    I contacted dhl customer support and they say the tracking number is not in their system [​IMG]

    I contacted gameyeeah about this and get a odd reply "We will get it back in stock in a couple of days.Sorry to keep you waiting." [​IMG]

    Which i don't understand coz they send me a email that my order was send of 12/29 last year so items out of stock at this time cannot have any effect on items already shipped last year [​IMG] (unless u own a time machine)

    I'm kinda getting desperate since the honkong dhl website tells me the estimated travel time from hongkong to the usa is 1 day

    and its 13 days ago i received the email that is was shipped as per the following email:

    Date Ordered: Friday 28 December, 2007

    Dear Customer:

    Thanks for the payment, your orders has been shipped today,the tracking number is ............

    The tracking website is:

    Thanks for your order. We hope that the goods will reach you on time and in good condition. Meanwhile, we looking forward to the pleasure of enjoying your further business in the near future.Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

    Best wishes.

    Gameyeeeah Inc.

    Now i'm stuck , i contacted both dhl and gameyeeeah and did not get any helpful answers

    Anyone here have any clue ???

    Should i maybe cancel the order and ask a refund, and how long would a refund take ???

    I'm not very rich so i have to wait for a refund if i decide to go that way before i can order at another dealer

    I'm dying to get my items , but 13 days waiting for my order takes to long for my taste
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    3 weeks to receive my item when I paid for overnight shipping. It was broken when it showed up, now they wont give me a refund after 2 months of arguing with them about if the broken one had been returned WHEN I HAD A TRACKING NUMBER EVEN!!

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    Is there a need to bring back a 5 month old topic...